What is PetroLuxus™?
PetroLuxus™ is a family of products that have been developed over years of study and trial. The products are proprietary in nature and were developed to liberate hydrocarbons from a variety of materials and media. All PetroLuxus™ products share basic and inherent characteristics to act with hydrocarbons on a molecular level and cause them to lose their attraction to water, metals, minerals, and other particulate matter. PetroLuxus™ is amphoteric and initiates ionic exchange to facilitate separation of materials.

Why does it work on hydrocarbons?
When in contact with oil / hydrocarbons it acts as a surfactant, by reducing surface tension, and breaks the bond of oil to other materials. Once the bond is broken between oil and other materials, PetroLuxus™ products enhance the natural tendency of the oil to be hydrophobic and colloidal, thus promoting efficient separation. However, unlike common surfactants, PetroLuxus™ products are derived from inorganic materials and will not form an emulsion.

How does PetroLuxus™ WC work in downhole environments?
Many variables exist in oil formations, including, mineral composition, temperature, pressure, oil type and quality, water type, and the presence of many compounds that affect the ability to produce oil. PetroLuxus™ WC is designed to work within a wide array of variables encountered in oil formations. Its basic functions are to release oil, enhance flow characteristics, reduce corrosion, disperse paraffin and asphaltene, and provide protection to metal production components. PetroLuxus™ WC performs these functions in most environments and formation types.

How does PetroLuxus™ WC work with water?
PetroLuxus™ WC is a contact compound and uses water as carrier. It readily dispersed in water and is soluble. The chemical will reside in the water and does not mix with or change the characteristics of oil.

Are PetroLuxus™ products surfactants?
No. They have surfactant like qualities in that they readily reduce surface tension that allows oil to release from other materials. PetroLuxus™ products are derived from inorganic materials; surfactants are typically made from organic materials which possess entirely different chemical properties.

Does PetroLuxus™ WC inhibit corrosion?
Yes, in several ways. PetroLuxus™ WC is an extreme oxygen scavenger and will draw and bind free oxygen when it can. Oxygen is the most prolific cause of corrosion and chemically binds with many compounds to form corrosive materials in the form of sulfides, oxides, and sulphates. These corrosive compounds and many bacteria thrive in an aerobic environment. PetroLuxus™ WC effectively binds the oxygen and destroys the corrosive issues. Additionally, PetroLuxus™WC is highly negative in conductivity which promotes its ability to initiate ionic exchange. This combined with a silicon component in the formula make PetroLuxus™WC attracted to metal. PetroLuxus™ WC readily bonds to metal production components leaving a microscopic layer of protection.

Does PetroLuxus™ WC affect H2S?
PetroLuxus™ WC reduces the corrosive effects of H2S by breaking the bond of Hydrogen and Sulphur.

What effect does PetroLuxus™ WC have on parraffins?
PetroLuxus™ WC works like a solvent to break down paraffin buildup. It is much slower than solvents such as diesel but once broken down the paraffin suspends in the produced oil to be carried out of the well.

What effect does PetroLuxus™ WC have on asphaltenes?
Asphaltenes are heavy hydrocarbon compounds that tend to mass together and create restriction. PetroLuxus™ WC reacts with asphaltenes much the same as with paraffin. The asphaltene is broken down into small particles that will suspend and be carried with oil flow.

What is PetroLuxus™ WC?
PetroLuxus™ WC is a well clean up product. It embodies the basic characteristics of all PetroLuxus™ products to release oil. However, WC is designed to target cleanup of the production string and near wellbore matrix of the formation. Many wells are plagued with production and mechanical issues resulting from fouling and corrosion. WC is designed to open pore channels and increase permeability that have been compromised from years of production. Further, production tubing and equipment can become fouled from many corrosive materials and bacteria that compromise performance and increase cost. WC effectively cleans corrosion and provides a protective layer to equipment that reduces fouling.

What does PetroLuxus™ WC do to perforations?
Perforations that are fouled and choking off fluid entry from corrosion build up, bateria or paraffin and asphaltene will benefit from treatment by cleaning and opening the perforations. Once cleaned, PetroLuxus™ WC will deposit a molecular coating making paraffin and asphaltenes less likely to attached to the perforations.

Will PetroLuxus™ WC harm my equipment?

In fact, PetroLuxus™ WC will improve metal production components by cleaning and leaving a layer of protection to reduce further problems.

What is the general rule of thumb injection procedure?
PetroLuxus™ WC is applied at the rate of (1) gal / bbl of water. Determine the depth of the zone and the diameter of penetration desired around the well bore.

Calculate volume of water required by this formula:

Determine the amount of water and appropriate chemical to be used.

Calculate water at (1) gal. per foot of wellbore depth.

¶R² x(X) feet of zone thickness x porosity% = cu. ft. volume
Cu. ft. x 7.481 = volume gals.
Volume gals. ÷ 42 = volume in bbls.

Add formation volume to well bore volume = total water in bbls.
Total water (bbls.) x 1 gal. = gals. of PetroLuxus™

What equipment is required to treat a well with PetroLuxus WC?
A manifold at the wellhead to accommodate water truck or pump truck connections, typically 2” is sufficient. A pressure gauge should be installed at the well head to check initial pressure and to monitor any increase during application or during shut in period.
Water truck (130 bbls. vacuum truck) and/or pump truck (if pressure is required)
Typically, wells can be treated with a water truck. Most wells will go on vacuum and take water by gravity.

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PetroLuxus™ WC is a multi-modal liquid compound formulated to be injected downhole into oil bearing formations for the increased recovery of hydrocarbons, reduced hydrogen sulfide concentrations and improved flow characteristics. These combined attributes result in increased performance of operational equipment with less down time. The unique multi-modal characteristics of PetroLuxus™ WC interacts with the attached hydrocarbons on formation surfaces by destabilizing the weak hydrogen bonding which causes the hydrocarbons to be released from the oil-bearing formation. This results in an increased surface water wetting and reduction of surface tension allowing the oil to be recovered with higher efficiency. Additionally, equipment metal surfaces and formation surfaces contacted by PetroLuxus™ WC are coated with a polymeric barrier thereby protecting metal surfaces that reduces corrosion and increases the conductivity of mineral surfaces.

PetroLuxus™ WC